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Beautiful Stranger


Beautiful Stranger

Beautiful Stranger is a Think Piece of Poetry from the character Beautiful Davis- Tyson

Michelle A. Daniel the creator & writer of Between Women wrote the characters in 2009, it has been eleven years. The characters went through a lot of relationship ups & downs, but one thing remained their friendship. 

Beautiful Stranger is raw, real, honest conversations that we have had or have with ourselves. Things that we are scared to say out loud, but comes from the pain and love we have experienced in previous relationships. These relationships can be from our past lifetime or the current one. 

How is it that you can love someone and see them as the most beautiful human just for that person to become a stranger?

It’s OK to miss them, it’s OK to still love them, it’s OK to cry, it’s OK to remember and laugh about all the good times. Most importantly it’s OK for it to still hurt. You’re human and your healing starts when you can’t bear the pain anymore. I hope these pieces let’s you know that you’re not alone in your healing journey. You’re not alone and that Beautiful Stranger that you once loved or still loved was  a part of your journey and there’s nothing you could have done to change the outcome. Your story is already written, so be gentle with yourself. 

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